Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The worst Confirmation catechesis... ever???

"The top image is Confirmation after Vatican II and the bottom image is a picture from the 1950's and prior..." "See how much better we understand the sacrament", he says?

I am a Confirmation 'sponsor' of a Confirmation 'candidate'. Apparently these terms were swiped from Alcoholics Anonymous for some pastoral reason, which is yet to be revealed. Why not just call the adolescent a Confirmand and the 'sponsor' a spiritual advisor, or something more dignified?

I like Confirmand... this from Webster's dictionary:

Function: noun
Etymology: Latin confirmandus, gerundive of confirmare

: a candidate for religious confirmation

Anyway, we had our first meeting together at the church this past Sunday. What a joke. I'll just relay these two quotes:
"Back in the olden days, like the 1950's, the Church made you learn and recite doctrines and stuff- you had to agree to be a soldier of Christ'. Well, the Church really understands things better now. You don't have to agree to anything before Confirmation because
it's really part of the faith journey."


"We don't want to reduce Confirmation to being just a sacrament."

(I laughed out loud at that, and people looked at me.)

Ok, the last one:
"It's all about becoming part of a Faith Community
now; that's how we understand the sacrament."

This is the scourge of the Church today:
crappy, stupid, dumbed-down catechesis.
That's why people are leaving in drones- because if nothing matters why bother going to mass or changing one's ways? "It's no big deal...
it's not the end of the world...", the director said that about 60 times.

Wait, you have to read what this guy 'taught' in class 3 (directly from his website).
This is a synopsis of what happened in class... here's my 2 sec. summary: multiple choice dogma, and all the answers are correct!

Let's cut through the BS and give these kids answers, for Pete's sake!

Forced-choice exercise: Taking a Stand About Jesus

Students responded and discussed a number of statements about Jesus to identify where they stand regarding a number issues surrounding Jesus.

Some statements are traditional theology and essential teachings of the church; some are not.

Question List: (Students should respond either 1) Agree Strongly, 2) Not Sure, or 3) Disagree Strongly)

1. Jesus is the Son of God
2. Jesus was a fictional character created by someone. He never really existed.
3. Jesus was as human as we are.
4. Jesus was a good man but was certainly not God.
5. Jesus set up the positions of the pope and bishops as we have them today.
6. Only people who believe in Jesus will go to heaven.
7. Jesus worked many miracles.
8. Jesus must have had a good sense of humor.
9. Jesus truly rose from the dead and is alive today.
10. If Jesus came among us today, people would reject him just like they did 2,000 years ago

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