Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The crap articles you can find in Commonweal...

I was searching for an article by Paul Griffiths, originally published in Commonweal (a lefty Catholic magazine), that I had to read for my master's degree. Somehow, I ended up on Commonweal's mailing list, and every week I get emails alerting me to the great stories in each new edition...

Well, lo and behold, I opened my email today to find these great new offerings from Commonweal; check this out:

Why Not?
by Robert J. Egan
Scripture, History & Women’s Ordination

Do we really need to beat this dead horse to a pulp? Why do we need to keep fighting this battle? The Church will never ordinate women... I repeat NEVER!

Mystery or Mystification?
by Rev. Gerard S. Sloyan
The limits of Latin in the liturgy

Limits of Latin in the liturgy....... Yes, choice is such a bad thing, when it comes to liturgy. These liturgi-nazis want to force crappy vernacular masses (complete with horrid, dumbed down translations) down our throats. Why is it so bad to incorporate Latin into the liturgy? Isn't this being more diverse?????

Will the lefties at Commonweal ever move on?

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