Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Duh! Science Destroys Common Sense...

This image is from "Unathletic kids are unpopular".

We live in this "brave new world" where we don't believe anything unless a scientific study will back the claim. There is a nice, tidy certainty that comes from this, but the unfortunate bi-product is that we entirely abandon our common sense.

Check out this story:

Duh! Science Confirms the Obvious

Materialistic teenagers are just insecure

The Study: “Growing Up in a Material World: Age Differences in Materialism in Children and Adolescents,” Journal of Consumer Research, December 2007.
The Findings: Why are kids so concerned with having a cool cellphone? Lan Nguyen Chaplin of the University of Illinois and Deborah Roedder John of the University of Minnesota looked for a connection between self-esteem and materialism in children aged 8 to 18. They observed a big drop in self-esteem in kids aged 12 and 13 that accompanied the “use of material possessions as a coping strategy for feelings of low self-worth.” But even a small boost in self-esteem, in this case kind words from acquaintances written on paper plates, caused them to forget their insecurity — and material obsessions — for the day.
Why Bother? Because, as Chaplin points out, her study could have practical benefits for material girls and boys. Keep kids’ self-esteem high, and they’ll be happier. They might also stop bugging you for a Wii.

And just one more...

Loneliness sucks

The Study: “Aging and Loneliness: Downhill Quickly?” Current Directions in Psychological Science, August 2007.
The Findings: University of Chicago researchers investigated the physical effects of loneliness on the overall health of young, middle-aged and older people. Sustained loneliness found in the 50- to 68-year-old subjects correlated with increased blood pressure, as well as a spike in epinephrine levels, both health-risk factors for older adults.
Why Bother? Because the U.S. is becoming lonelier, with 25 percent of Americans unable to name a trusted confidante, according to the American Sociological Review. Understanding how this trend affects health is becoming more important as aging baby boomers come to dominate the population.

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Duh! Science Confirms the Obvious

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