Thursday, April 3, 2008

Coed dorms on college campuses? Sure, great idea! UPDATED

This defies common sense...

WORCESTER, Mass., April 2 (UPI) -- Colleges including the University of Pennsylvania, Clark University and Wesleyan University have begun allowing students of different sexes to share dorm rooms.

Oregon State University, Ithaca College, Clark University and Dartmouth University have also taken the step of allowing male and female students to room together in mixed-gender dormitories, the Boston Globe reported Wednesday.

"It's definitely a growing movement on campuses across the country," said Clark University Dean of Students Denise Darrigrand. "It's a new world, and gender has taken on all kinds of new definitions. It's about being more inclusive, and it's about keeping pace with the times." [great, just great. Dean Denise, you are a dumba$$]

Darrigrand said about 30 students at the school have taken advantage of the mixed-gender rooms. ["taken advantage" is the key phrase here...]

Read the whole thing... oh my.

UPDATE: another story on this subject.

Read this from the Boston Globe:

Just roommates
Colleges' final frontier: mixed-gender housing

In the Woodstock era, the advent of coed dorms caused a stir, with Life magazine proclaiming the development "an intimate revolution on campus." Coed floors came along over the next two decades, giving college students immediate proximity to each other. The next step, coed suites and bathrooms, brought the sexes even closer together.

Most colleges discourage students who are romantically involved from living together, but a few schools freely admit that some roommates are in sexual relationships, which they say is none of their business. [Great. "Trust your children to us, we'll take care of them real good!]

Supporters hail the trend as a key advance for homosexual and transgender students that eliminates a gender divide they see as outdated, particularly for a generation that has grown up with many friends of the opposite sex. [So, for the sake of the 5 crazy people on campus, let's impose this shady policy on all of our students?] Traditional rooming policies, they say, infringe upon students' rights and perpetuate gender segregation.

"Among Millennial students, whether it's race, gender, or nationality, the borders are coming down," said James Baumann of the Association of College and University Housing Officers. "The lines just aren't there anymore."
[If I was a black person (or any 'minority') I would be very offended that sexual promiscuity is equated with civil liberties.]

But some observers say the policies promote promiscuity and represent political correctness run amok. And most colleges do not believe coed rooms are wise and see no reason for them. [Good for "some observers" - they actually have some common sense.]

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