Thursday, April 3, 2008

Culture of Death- obsessed with sex...

Here's a Culture of Death update, brought to you by CBS (See-BS is a logical name).

I noticed this at the bottom of the Pope Benedict story I posted (on the CBS website).

Check this out:'s Most Popular Pages

* World's Coolest Fighter Jets
* More Openly Gay Celebrities
* When It Was Out To Be Out
* 2007 Celebrity Deaths
* 100 Greatest Movies Of All Time
* Celebrity Sex Tapes
* Celebrity Real Names Revealed
* Britney Spears: Then & Now
* Jessica Alba: Then & Now
* Jessica Simpson: Then & Now

That's demented. Most people are visiting CBS's website to get a peek at some 'hotties' or to read about "celebrity deaths"???? I don't know what to say, but I find it strange that sex and death are on the same level.


On a related note... from Laura Ingraham's website:

Due to students' additional inches and pounds since the 1970's, EU school furniture standards have been revised to include larger, reinforced chair seats and backs to accommodate greater girth and height--as well as ergonomic chair design to help children with back problems due to inactive lifestyles.

College/University = becoming a stupid, lazy, fata$$?

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