Friday, January 4, 2008

Reason # 532 against "Sola Scriptura"

Christian Groups: I-35 a Holy Highway

Yes, this is real.

Apparently Highway I-35, which runs from Laredo, TX., to Duluth, MN, is the opposite of a Highway to Hell; members of Christian groups located near the highway are saying that it was mentioned in the Bible (as the "Highway of Holies") and are calling for a "purity siege" to target nearby bars, abortion clinics, etc. Their website's here:

People drive on it every day, sometimes cursing along the way, but thousands of people consider Interstate 35 to be a holy road.

The highway that stretches from Laredo to Duluth, Minn., has grabbed the attention of Christians across the country, including those in Austin. Members of Christian groups along the I-35 corridor said the highway was mentioned in the Bible, and in order to fulfill a prophecy, it needs a little saving first.

According to Light The Highway, the worldwide movement is driving thousands to prayer on the interstate. Christians said the Old Testament's book of Isaiah prophesizes I-35 will be the United States' "Highway of Holiness."

Isaiah 35:8 reads: "And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness. The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way; wicked fools will not go about on it."

"Everything we do, we want to make sure scripture is backing us up," said Austin's PromiseLand Church Pastor Charlie Lujan. "I-35 being Isaiah 35, it just matched."


I'm all about praying as much as possible, but this is a little strange!

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