Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christians: enemies of the people? Turks agree.

A translation from the German-Catholic site: katholische nachrichten

A film series warns against Christians and missionaries and associates them both with organ trafficking, the mafia and prostitution.

The well-known Turkish nationwide television station 'Show TV' aired on 8th, 15th and 29 November 2007 a new episode of the old series "Kurtlar Vadisi-Pusu" – The Valley of the Wolves.

This was reported on 28 December on its website by the 'The Institute of Islamic Issues' of the German Evangelical Alliance.

The film is about the relationship between the state and four powerful Mafia families, which in the film control the economic life of the country.

The programme also mentions Christian missionary work and closely links it to organ trafficking, mafia and prostitution.

Christians are shown as enemies of the people.

The goal of Christians in the series is to defraud Turks and to weaken the national consciousness in order to divide the country among themselves.

Further it is presumed that Turkish Christians ally themselves with foreign powers and make common cause to betray the Turkish people.

As a result, 29 November, for example, the script literally said:

"Someone must be in a position to halt these people."

He continued: "As we have thrown out crusaders [from Turkey], we will also throw them out. If you have no weapon, I will give you one. "

The 'Institute of Islamic issues' refers to the rules of the state media regulatory authority "RTÜK".

It contains Art. No. 3984 paragraph 4. This seeks to prevent the media from calling for violence, terror and ethnic discrimination.

Likewise, it prohibits the call to hatred against other people, classes, ethnic or religious groups and the incitement to hatred.

In a commentary the 'Institute of Islamic issues' explains that Christian missionary work, according to the Turkish Constitution is not prohibited.

But contemporary Christians in the country are coming under strong pressure, because Christians and Christian missionaries are accused of being the source of social problems.

If the nature of the representation of Christians in the series "Kurtlar Vadisi-Pusu" was judged appropriate by the authorities, some Muslim Turks would be encouraged to take action against Turkish Christians and communities.

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