Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stupid celebrities

I had to post this because it shows how stupid and disconnected celebrities really are. The irony of this situation is just... I don't know... STUPID!!!!!!

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Lindsay Lohan said Friday that police have no business getting involved in her personal life, a day after the police chief explained that the paparazzi were no longer an issue - in part because the 22-year-old actress had evidently "gone gay."

"Police chiefs shouldn't get involved in everyone else's business when it comes to their personal life. It's inappropriate," Lohan said in a video shot by paparazzi [!!!!!!!! She used the paparazzi to tell everyone to keep out of her personal life!!!!!!!!!! Too stupid!] Friday and posted on In the footage, Lohan and gal pal Samantha Ronson are trekking through the Los Angeles Airport on their way to catch a flight to Chicago.

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