Thursday, July 10, 2008

"So much for the 'via media' approach, Dr. Williams."

More on the horrid leadership of Dr. Rowan Williams and the crumbling C of E.

This is from Damian Thompson:

Andrew Carey, son of Archbishop Carey, has produced a pretty devastating analysis of Monday night's "train wreck" on the American Anglican website Stand Firm:

"While Dr Williams has often given traditionalists hope that he would back a structural solution to their problems of conscience, he seems to have completely ruled out strong leadership on theological and ecclesial issues. Wearing permanently now, it seems, the persona of the mediator, Dr Williams was seen by Synod trying to have it both ways. 'I am deeply unhappy with any scheme... which ends up structurally humiliating women.' But he was equally unhappy about marginalising traditionalists. [uhhhhh... I want to have my cake and eat it too.] He therefore came 'not very comfortably to the conclusion', we needed a 'more rather than less robust form of structural provision'.

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