Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Hey, baby, vote for me" [followed by "ga-ga-go-go"]

"Excuse me, sir, um baby. We are wondering if you could wake up and comment on who you voted for today. I'm sorry, but you just spit-up on your sleeve... don't you see it?"

Just when you thought the western world couldn't begin to fall further into insanity... then you read the following:

Dozens of German politicians have tabled a new law to extend voting rights to babies, toddlers, children and teenagers.

The bill, which has won the cross-party backing of some heavyweight German politicians, would wipe away decades of "exclusion" and "discrimination" against minors.

Currently the voting threshold in Germany is 18, with an exception in some states, where 16 year olds able momentarily to put aside the cares of adolescence are allowed to cast a ballot.

But that does not go far enough for the new law's backers, who want to ensure voting rights from cradle to grave. If the bill gets adopted, babies will be equally empowered to voice, or gurgle, their opinion on government handling of macro-economic performance in a global downturn as their parents.

Toddlers able to divert their attention from the nursery brute stealing their crayons will be able to take a stand ­ if they can stand - on issue such as whether German armed forces should be deployed abroad.

According to the head of the liberal Free Democratic Party ­ traditional coalition partner of Chancellor Merkel's CDU party ­ the constitutional change would enfranchise 14 million people.

"Unfortunately in Germany, 17 per cent of the population, namely the children and adolescent, are excluded from political decision making," said FDP chief Dirk Niebel. The Telegraph UK

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