Sunday, June 29, 2008

Parish fashion: "the original human nature was not like the present..."

This redefines the meaning of the term "girlie-men". It's amazing what people will say when they believe any and every thing they think.

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The notion of wardrobe androgyny was the fitting theme of Yves Saint-Laurent's men's collection, the house that kicked off the just-ended Paris men's shows where men's fashion won a feminine touch.

At YSL, designer Stefano Pilati used quotations from Plato to explain why he combined female detailing with a masculine silhouette.

"The original human nature was not like the present ... the sexes were not two as they are now." [What does that mean? Is he really serious? If he is, I hope he doesn't really think that, but rather he has lied to himself so much that he believes everything he thinks.]

Pilati underscored the union of genders with a line for men made in fabrics normally worn by women -- crepe de chine, organza, shantung and silk voile, all fabrics which float rather than fall.

In an era obsessed with global warming and sustainable development, the 44 spring/summer 2009 collections displayed at the four-day men's fashion shows ending Sunday featured light airy see-through linens, silks and soft feathery cottons. [Will somebody explain the connection between global warming fanaticism and gay fanaticism???? Or is it just fanaticism that's in common here?]

Bright colours, more often the domain of women's wear, also figured strong.

As Gay Pride marches took place across Europe, pink was popular in Paris.

Louis Vuitton, a house with a predominantly masculine view of the world, chose pink for shorts, pants and waistcoat, and even shoes.

A huge pink sail served as the backdrop for an otherwise frankly male take on fashion from Emmanuel Ungaro designer Franck Boclet, who said fuschia was simply one of the house's signature colours.

"I wanted a gay fresh style," Boclet said of what he told AFP was "a Paris 60s look" [yes, nothing fresher than re-hashing the 60's style...] of hip-hugging tight-thighed pants, chequered suits, and the odd item in day-glo orange, bright blue or purple.

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