Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Pathetic State of Christianity in England...

This is truly a depressing story.

Churchgoing on its knees as Christianity falls out of favour
Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent TIMESONLINE UK
Church attendance in Britain is declining so fast that the number of regular churchgoers will be fewer than those attending mosques within a generation, research published today suggests.

The fall - from the four million people who attend church at least once a month today - means that the Church of England, Catholicism and other denominations will become financially unviable. A lack of funds from the collection plate to support the Christian infrastructure, including church upkeep and ministers’ pay and pensions, will force church closures as ageing congregations die.

In contrast, the number of actively religious Muslims will have increased from about one million today to 1.96 million in 2035.

According to Religious Trends, a comprehensive statistical analysis of religious practice in Britain, published by Christian Research, even Hindus will come close to outnumbering churchgoers within a generation. The forecast to 2050 shows churchgoing in Britain declining to 899,000 while the active Hindu population, now at nearly 400,000, will have more than doubled to 855,000. By 2050 there will be 2,660,000 active Muslims in Britain - nearly three times the number of Sunday churchgoers.

St. Thomas More prophesied this in his Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation.
Also, check out Aidan Nichols' The Realm, on converting England back to Catholicism, which by the way won't take much effort anymore. The majority of Christians are already Catholic on the island.

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