Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Killed for not wearing a hijab"

This article is from Rod Dreher (the Crunchy-Con).
He has a pretty pithy blog.
Some of you will like him even more because he was Catholic and converted to Orthodoxy.

This happened not in Iran, not in Palestine, not in Saudi Arabia or Iraq or Pakistan. This happened in Canada. Where journalist Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine are facing federal human rights charges for a 2006 article Steyn wrote in which he engaged in a critical discussion of Muslim demographics. Here's Stanley Kurtz's must-read backgrounder on l'affaire Steyn, in which Muslims are using the state's human rights laws in an attempt to silence free speech. Steyn points out a certain glaring hypocrisy in his chief Muslim critic's stance here.

I'm sure if we look hard enough, we can find Christian fathers murdering their daughters for not wearing hijabs. Or something to blame the rest of us for this alleged crime (see the question from the Canadian TV station in that item). Manning's Corollary, you know.

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