Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christian dialogue with Islam...

Below are links to some really interesting articles by Sandro Magister, the author of a website out of Italy called "Chisea" (The Church). Article #3 is the most interesting, assuming you have some knowledge of the situation as a whole.

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These articles are the most sensible dissection of what is going on in the dialogue between Christianity and Islam.

Remember that recently 138 Moslem (or Muslim, if you prefer) scholars sent a letter to leaders of Christian churches; this was primarily a response to the speech delivered at Regensburg University in Germany by Pope Benedict. This speech challenged both the modern, secular west and the radical east ('radical' Islam) to deal with the issue of faith and reason: can the two be compatible, and are they in fact essential for each others' existence? Benedict argues the latter, citing that God himself is Logos- the Word.

What Magister discusses is whether the latest ecumenical response from Christians to this letter is on topic: namely, faith and reason.

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